Our Therapy Dog Program

Therapy Dogs

Paws for Patrick has a team of licensed and insured Therapy Dogs – and their handlers – serving the greater Cook and Lake Counties of Illinois who make individual, weekly, and monthly visits to homes, schools, therapy sessions, youth organizations, and community events, among others.

All of our dogs are certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. All dogs are over the age of one, and we range in breed sizes from a chihuahua to Great Danes. The common thread that sets our dogs apart is their innate love for humans, and their superpower of making our participants’ days just a little brighter. We have a partnership with Lakeshore K-9 who provide refresher courses for our teams.

We visit Plena Mind Center, Plena Dragonfly Program, District 219 Transition Services, Niles Central High School, Keshet programming at Salomon Schechter and Ida Crown Schools, and Compass on a regular basis. We visit many local junior high schools, high schools and colleges during times of high stress or during their mental health awareness units. We also attend community events such as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Talk Away The Dark walk at Montrose Harbor in the fall.

The Paws for Patrick Therapy Dog teams work within the greater Cook and Lake Counties of Illinois.

Meet Our Therapy Dogs

Our therapy dog team is led by Erika and Julie, with their dogs, Sutter, and Benji & Lucy.  This fabulous team of dogs is making a positive difference for young people living with mental illness as they are now visiting facilities on a weekly basis, including youth and outpatient facilities, as well as schools in the areas.  You can also catch them at many of our events around town!

Our Retired Therapy Dogs

We honor the dogs that have served in the past but are no longer actively working.

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