Amy and Sophie

“My time at Paws for Patrick has been so fulfilling. My daughter has anxiety and knowing how important Sofie is to her, it is just amazing and so rewarding being able to share Sofie with others, says Amy Wise of her work with us as part of our Therapy Dog team with her darling dog, Sophie. When asked if she had any advice for someone who is interested in having their dog become certified as a Therapy Dog, she said, “Know your dog. Sophie is more of a people person than a dog person so I knew she would be great at being a Therapy Dog. And the timing was right – I have wanted to get involved with more charity work over the last few years but nothing really connected with me like Paws for Patrick does. I am so happy to be a part of this organization.” Amy and her dog Sophie live in Northbrook, Illinois, and were recruited to join our team by Amy’s cousin, Julie Shaw, who serves on our Board of Directors as Co-Chair of the Therapy Dog team.

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