Camille and LexiRose

Working with children in environments where they may not feel comfortable “just FILLS me up. I wasn’t prepared for how much joy it brings me. The kids relax – the physical signs of comfort are real. They unfold their arms, lift their heads, drop their shoulders and smile when they get to spend time with me and LexiRose,” says Camille.

Camille and her beautiful 12 years young yellow English lab, LexiRose, have been part of our Therapy Dog team from the beginning. “I was brought to Paws for Patrick because of my relationship with Patrick & his family. I remember the day Cece came home with Patrick. While playing with her in his front yard, I’ll never forget Patrick smiling from ear to ear. He exuded pure joy that day, at that time. The opportunity to bring that emotion to others is a gift, a true honor,” explains Camille.

While Camille was working in memory care, she brought Lexi to meet her residents. “Therapy was so natural for her; she craves closeness and loves to be the giver and receiver of affection. She was a perfect fit for therapy.” When asked what one word she would choose to describe her experience working with us at Paws for Patrick, she chose GRATITUDE. We feel so much gratitude and support right back! We are so grateful for Camille and LexiRose!

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