Craig Scalise, Secretary

Craig Scalise wears many hats for us and there is no way to say which bears heavier weight or importance. Craig serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors, which has proven to be of critical importance to us, as well as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Wish Grantor and Therapy Dog Handler. In his Board role, he helped us articulate what he coined our “Stable Base”, a framework he developed while advising the UCLA Men’s Basketball program. It is what keeps us focused on our mission in every single aspect of the work we do. In his role as Wish Grantor Craig has matched dozens of clients with animals or other ESA services together; the impact on both Craig and his client has been monumental.

Craig is an Economist by day, although he began his career as a dog trainer through a business he started in the 7th grade. Craig, his wife, and two daughters live in Glencoe with their cat, Pepper, and a rescue dog, Cali. Craig likes to watch sports on TV with Pepper and Cali because of the support they offer, win or lose (which is especially meaningful during the NCAA March Madness Tournament while cheering on his alma mater, UCLA). Craig is grateful to be working with Paws for Patrick so he can share this emotional support power that’s unique to animals with those who need it most.

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