Dan Maigler, Mental Health Advisor

Dan Maigler volunteers on the Paws for Patrick Board of Directors as our Mental Health Advisor. “I decided to serve on the P4P board because Patrick taught me so much about what an animal can do for a person’s mental health. Cici was his rock. She kept him going through his hardest times, and her unconditional love supported him in a way that no therapy or medication could compete with. I want to be part of bringing that love into as many lives as possible. I see the mission of Paws for Patrick as a win for people and for animals, and I am honored to be a part of it.”

Dan has been working with young people with mental health issues since 1999 in a variety of settings including group homes, mental health hospitals, as a therapist in private practice and primarily schools. Dan spent 5 years as a guidance counselor and has been a school social worker for 15 years. Dan is also passionate about his family, lacrosse, and encouraging men to be more active in standing up against intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Dan is a self described podcast addict and provides recommendations regardless of solicitation.

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