Dana and Maggie

“Blessed and fulfilled!” These are the words Dana chose when asked to describe the impact she feels while working with her dog Maggie, an adopted Great Dane, as part of our Therapy Dog & Handlers team. “It has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Maggie is an incredible therapy dog – she radiates joy but also calm and patience. People are drawn to her and it’s really special to watch them interact with her, begin to share their stories or feelings and to see them feel better after spending time with Maggie. I’ve also become a Wish Granter and someone who writes ESA letters for individuals as well. Paws for Patrick is an organization that I appreciate being entrusted to represent and to help fulfill its mission too.” When asked if she has any advice for someone interested in joining our Therapy Dog team Dana had this to say: “I think being a therapy dog handler is remarkably rewarding and impactful. Being able to interact with individuals who may be challenged in one way or another and seeing how positively they respond to their time with the dogs is very special. Personally I think it’s helpful to not only train your dog, but to really know them, to be able to read them. This has been very helpful in guiding the interactions I have with children to adults and ultimately having the most successful interactions possible.” Dana and Maggie joined our team after seeing the green ribbons and signs for Paws for Patrick during Mental Health Awareness Month in May of 2021. “I have been doing work with my two therapy dogs for years and I just knew this was an organization that would really resonate with me and my passion for using my dogs to help others. I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with Paws for Patrick.”

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