Erika and Sutter

The one word Erika (Co-Chair of our Therapy Dog Program on our Board of Director) uses to describe her experience working as a therapy dog handler is “joyful”. Most importantly, Erika shares, “we are keeping Patrick alive – his spirit thrives in all the work that we do.”

Erika and her dog Sutter had been a Therapy Dog handler team together for three years when P4P was founded. Growing up next door to Fronzie in Glencoe, IL, the pair have known one another their entire lives – classic BFFs. “When Patrick passed, I was desperate to do anything that I could to ease Fronzie’s suffering; so when she contacted me with her vision to bring animals to those who suffer with mental illness I was thrilled at the opportunity to help make her dream a reality.”

“If you feel as though your dog has the skill and discipline to train and get certified as a therapy dog, and if you are dedicated to helping others, you should reach out to me or Julie Shaw. The experience has been phenomenally rewarding.” We couldn’t agree more and we are so lucky to have your expertise and leadership on our team!!

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