Jessica and Max

“FULFILLING!” This is the word Jessica chose to express the impact she feels while working with her dog, Max, as part of our Therapy Dog and Handler team. “I knew that Max was a unique and special animal and was thrilled at the opportunity to have him assessed and trained as a Therapy Dog so that I could share his kind and loving spirit with others. Working alongside Max has been an experience I’ll cherish forever. I love seeing the joy in people’s eyes when they meet him, and I love watching his tail never stop wagging on our visits. We both love doing this so much!”

Jessica and her beautiful Yellow Lab, Max, joined our team of Therapy Dogs and Handlers last year. Working out at Lifetime Fitness where Fronzie Roemer (our organization’s Founder) teaches, Jessica was following her journey while starting Paws for Patrick. Then she discovered that a friend from highschool, Nikki Smith, was on our board and the rest is history! You can follow Max while he works on his very own Instagram account: @_max_newell.

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