Mags Roemer, Board Member

Magdelene Roemer, aka Mags, is Paws for Patrick’s Junior Board Chair. A Woodlands Academy sophomore, Mags is passionate about animals and the outdoors. She aspires to find an occupation that allows her to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Some of Magdelene’s favorite sibling moments with Patrick are looking for sea turtles at night on the beach, learning how to ripstick, and searching for puppies at various rescue sites… and, of course, playing with kitty and Indy.

“Being a part of Paws for Patrick is so important to me. I saw firsthand the connection Patrick had with his animals, particularly Cici. But I also saw more of the battles he fought everyday. No one deserves to go through that and have their story end too soon. I do not get to continue my story side by side with Patrick, but Paws for Patrick allows me to carry a piece of Patrick with me as I write my own. Patrick shaped so much of the person I am today; he taught me compassion, strength, the importance of being kind and endlessly more. I want to be able to honor Patrick’s memory by helping others the way he did, and the way he would want me to.”

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