Marcia and Sadie

Marcia was in the process of having her dog Sadie certified as a therapy dog when someone mentioned Paws for Patrick. “It has been a great match ever since!” proclaimed Marcia. “It has provided me with a fulfilling way to do something I have wanted to do for years while working with my dog. I love seeing the joy and comfort Sadie brings to people. The purity of who dogs are – no judgment, no agenda, just love and affection. It’s an amazing gift to share.”

Reflecting on her experience as part of our team of Therapy Dogs and handlers in a word, Marcia chose heartwarming. “It’s a great feeling to know that simply by being her sweet, affectionate self, Sadie (and I) can bring some stress relief and joy into people’s day. My job is to get her where she needs to be, sit back, and enjoy watching her share her magic!”

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