Mindy Star is a volunteer extraordinaire – she serves as a Wish Granter, a Therapy Dog Ambassador, and as a committee member for our Outreach & Awareness team. “I feel so blessed to be part of this organization; it’s hard to explain but knowing that I’m doing something for the better and I’m helping someone – it’s gratifying and I feel so blessed.” Mindy met one of her clients at our Walk for Awareness last September and it was a moment she will never forget. Her client, her client’s Mom, and Mindy all burst into tears. “This is the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing – knowing that I am helping this child. It was so amazing.”

As an Ambassador for our Therapy Dogs, Mindy’s first assignment was a weekly session at Yellowbrick. “Watching these kids just love on the dog and the smiles it put on their faces was electrifying. All they want is to be heard, have a friend to talk to. They opened up and shared their stories, talked about their pets. They just lit up and were glowing during our visit.” The same sentiments were shared after she had a one-on-one at-home visit.  “I’ve really learned just how much love a dog can give to the people around them; they are amazing and they work really hard. I don’t think they get enough credit. It opened my eyes to the power of animals – the therapeutic benefits they provide.”

Mindy, who lives in Northbrook, will be co-chairing our “Turn Our Towns Green” campaign this May for National Mental Health Awareness Month. And, as the Mom of two, she stays quite busy, indeed. We are very lucky to have her!

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