Nikki Smith, Board Member

It’s high time we introduced you to Nikki Smith, who joined our Board of Directors this past summer as Chair of Outreach & Advocacy. In this role, Nikki is actively building a network of resources and partnerships both locally and across the Chicagoland area, helping us bring the love of animals to the people who need it most (and she’s crushing it!!!).

Nikki, her husband, and children (Jack, 7 and Sienna, 5) live in Glencoe and were featured in the Glencoe Compass this past September. When asked about her reasons for joining our organization, she responded, “I feel like I was meant to be part of this organization. I grew up in Lake Forest, and Fronzie Roemer, Patrick’s mom, grew up in Glencoe. As a Special Education teacher at New Trier, I work with so many kids with depression and anxiety; they feel so much pressure and I see they have emotions they can’t process. Also, I love my dog. My dog has seen me through so much of my life and has always been my constant. I completely understand the power of animals and the role they play in mental health.”

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