Shelly, Wish Granter

“JOY!” This is the emotion Shelly feels when working with a client as one of our volunteer Wish Granters. Shelly lives in Glencoe, IL and her day job is a teacher. When asked what brought her to P4P her response was, “As a teacher, I’m generally concerned about teens’ mental health. The impact of the pandemic has been devastating. I want to do what I can to help make life better for struggling teens, especially now.”

Shelly continues, “I love how this group is super organized. The volunteers and leaders are wonderful. Also, I love knowing I’m going to have a major positive impact on people’s lives and I can actually see the results of my work.” When asked if she had any advice for someone who may consider volunteering as a Wish Granter with us her response was, “Do it! If you enjoy working with people and making a difference that’s 100% visible, this job is for you. It’s so much better than just donating money and having to hope it lands where you intended. At P4P, there’s no question –  you’re working directly with the beneficiaries.”

To say we are humbled and grateful for Shelly and her fellow volunteers is an understatement. They are truly the machine that makes us run.

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