Therapy Dog Team

Mindy Star Therapy Dog Team


Mindy Star is a volunteer extraordinaire – she serves as a Wish Granter, a Therapy Dog Ambassador, and as a committee member for our Outreach & Awareness team. “I feel so blessed to be part of this organization; it’s hard to explain but knowing that I’m doing something for the better and I’m helping someone […]

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Taylor Johnson & Kylo

Taylor and Kylo

Taylor and her beautiful dog Kylo are part of our team of fully trained, licensed, and insured Therapy Dogs. They live in Wicker Park and Taylor works as an Occupational Therapist in Northbrook. “I was bringing Kylo to work with me because I was seeing first hand the incredibly calming and motivating presence he had

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Sarah Thorrens and Coach

Sarah and Coach

Sarah and her two-year old male Golden Retriever, Coach, recently joined the Paws for Patrick Therapy Dog / Handler team and are loving it. Having recently retired after 35 years Sarah was looking for a volunteer opportunity. Coach was just a puppy when she first learned about us – her neighbor is a volunteer with

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Marcia Leadholm and Sadie

Marcia and Sadie

Marcia was in the process of having her dog Sadie certified as a therapy dog when someone mentioned Paws for Patrick. “It has been a great match ever since!” proclaimed Marcia. “It has provided me with a fulfilling way to do something I have wanted to do for years while working with my dog. I

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Jessica Newell and Max

Jessica and Max

“FULFILLING!” This is the word Jessica chose to express the impact she feels while working with her dog, Max, as part of our Therapy Dog and Handler team. “I knew that Max was a unique and special animal and was thrilled at the opportunity to have him assessed and trained as a Therapy Dog so

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Erika Kreisa & Sutter

Erika and Sutter

The one word Erika (Co-Chair of our Therapy Dog Program on our Board of Director) uses to describe her experience working as a therapy dog handler is “joyful”. Most importantly, Erika shares, “we are keeping Patrick alive – his spirit thrives in all the work that we do.” Erika and her dog Sutter had been

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Dana Friedman-Graham and Maggie

Dana and Maggie

“Blessed and fulfilled!” These are the words Dana chose when asked to describe the impact she feels while working with her dog Maggie, an adopted Great Dane, as part of our Therapy Dog & Handlers team. “It has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Maggie is an incredible therapy dog – she radiates joy but also

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Julie Shaw

Julie and Lucy & Benji

Paws for Patrick is proud to introduce you to Julie, who serves on the Board of Directors as Co-Chair of our Therapy Dog Team with her dogs Lucy and Benji. “Paws for Patrick encompasses everything I am passionate about…volunteering with my own therapy dogs in various settings such as hospitals, schools and mental health organizations,

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Camille Stohlgren & LexiRose

Camille and LexiRose

Working with children in environments where they may not feel comfortable “just FILLS me up. I wasn’t prepared for how much joy it brings me. The kids relax – the physical signs of comfort are real. They unfold their arms, lift their heads, drop their shoulders and smile when they get to spend time with

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Amy Wise and Sophie

Amy and Sophie

“My time at Paws for Patrick has been so fulfilling. My daughter has anxiety and knowing how important Sofie is to her, it is just amazing and so rewarding being able to share Sofie with others, says Amy Wise of her work with us as part of our Therapy Dog team with her darling dog,

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