Wish Granter

Shelly Aschkenase

Shelly, Wish Granter

“JOY!” This is the emotion Shelly feels when working with a client as one of our volunteer Wish Granters. Shelly lives in Glencoe, IL and her day job is a teacher. When asked what brought her to P4P her response was, “As a teacher, I’m generally concerned about teens’ mental health. The impact of the […]

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Lisa, Wish Granter

We are so blessed to have Lisa as a volunteer Wish Granter for us here at P4P. She’s a mom of two girls and lives in Lake Forest, IL. A friend introduced her to our organization and she’s been a committed volunteer ever since. Lisa’s experience as a Wish Granter has been “one of learning.

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Ian Erkkila

Ian, Wish Granter

“This is one of the most meaningful experiences you can get involved in, and it’s easy to participate – even with a busy schedule,” says Ian,  one of our volunteer Wish Granters. Ian lives in Chicago and was brought to us by a mental health advocacy group at his medical school. He has worked with

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Craig Scalise

Craig, Wish Granter

Craig wears many hats for us and there is no way to say which bears heavier weight or importance. Craig serves as Advisor to the Board of Directors, which has proven to be of critical importance to us, as well as a Wish Granter. In his Advisory role, he helped us articulate what he coined

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