Volunteer Opportunities

We are always eager to welcome new volunteers to help us make a difference. 

We have a dedicated group of volunteers that help us in our mission of connecting young people to Emotional Support Animals and therapy dogs to aid them as they live with mental illness. Additionally, we welcome Junior volunteers to help with our awareness and fundraising events throughout the year.

We are always eager to welcome new volunteers to help us make a difference! A Background Check and Confidentiality Agreement are required for Wish Granters, Therapy Dog Handlers, Ambassadors, and Therapists.

Wish Granter
Wish Granters function like case workers confidentially assisting applicants in acquiring an ESA letter, adopting an animal and arranging training and reimbursement. Granters must be compassionate, reliable and comfortable using Google forms and spreadsheets. No previous experience needed – we will provide training. (minimum age 22)

Therapy Dog Handler
Do you have a dog that you think could be a good therapy dog? At Paws For Patrick we will help you determine whether or not your dog meets the qualifications for certification for Animal Assisted Therapy. We utilize Alliance of Therapy Dogs for our certification and insurance. After certification you and your dog can represent Paws for Patrick at our visits to schools and other organizations. (Minimum age 18)

Ambassadors act as a Paws For Patrick representative at awareness and outreach events, and occasionally during therapy dog visits. Responsibilities include setting up our booth at events, sharing information about the organization, handing out giveaways, and taking photos. One hour training required. (Minimum age 18)

If you are a licensed clinical professional in good standing and would be willing to provide a clinical interview and emotional support letter please consider joining our team of therapists.

Junior Volunteers (ages 14 – 18)
Our amazing team of juniors help with various events during the year. They organize our May Mental Health Awareness Events “Turn our Campus Green” and “Turn Our Towns Green”. They also serve as assistant Ambassadors at awareness and outreach events by helping run our booths, handing out giveaways, and informing attendees about our organization. Our juniors also help with Paws for Patrick merchandise and other projects.

Other Areas of Assistance
We also need volunteers to help with fundraising, grant writing, marketing, public relations, technology and/or social media.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to join our team of dedicated volunteers.

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